At age 23, I returned home to Omaha from the U.S. Marine Corps with an Honorable Discharge. I began teaching the martial arts and running a business on June 29, 1994. Since 1994, I have exposed thousands of people in the Omaha Metro area to the art of Geary's Kempo Karate, including police officers, doctors and three mayors.

On September 1, 2006, I was promoted to 10th Degree Black Belt (the highest level of Black Belt and Grand Master). This promotion made me the youngest person in the United States to achieve this rank. Throughout my martial arts career, I have been awarded a Bachelor of Martial Arts and the high titles of Grand Master, Soke (head of family) and Professor. I have been recognized and awarded rank or promotions by ten Grand Masters/Organizations across the United States and have been inducted into four martial arts Hall of Fames. Governor Dave Heineman also presented me with a proclamation honoring a National Martial Arts Day in Nebraska.

Photographers need good eyesight, artistic ability and good hand-eye coordination. I have been doing professional quality photography/videography for many years. I enjoy putting in the same level of patience, focus, and attention to detail that is required for great photography/videography as I have put into the martial arts. I have been teaching and running a business for many years and enjoy working with people. I look forward to working with you to provide you with excellent quality images and video. 

Thank you,

​Christopher N. Geary

"Geary does amazing work. He took my daughter's senior pictures and they were beautiful. He is very professional, honest and very affordable." ~ Nancy L.

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